Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Devil In Your Family...

Oftentimes, what I have learned and experienced as a dutiful Christian and humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ is that if the Devil, Satan, cannot directly get you to be distracted or "defeated" by getting you to sin, backslide or "give up" on serving the Lord Jesus Christ directly the Devil, Satan, will (if not "may") attack you indirectly by causing you personal life problems like causing you to get into conflict arguments and strife with your family. In particular your PARENTS like your father and/or mother.

If your father and/or mother disagrees with your GOD-WILLED Christian street-preaching ministry, the spirit of the Devil will work in your parents to get them all angry and "wired up" and you often end up getting into contentious heated arguments against your parents that may slow down and even may stop and/or prevent you from doing the Lord's Work.

This is why it is VERY crucial that a soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ lives a life of PEAK self-sufficiency NOT to be dependent on other people for money (income), ESPECIALLY for A PLACE TO LIVE (i.e. "STAY") or transportation or personal health problems like being handicapped and/or having disabilities.

When the Lord Jesus Christ gives us the ability to take care of ourselves the best way we can, we should take care of ourselves the best way we can.

Now, there will be times everyone needs a little help from someone and that's why we as CHILDREN OF GOD need to develop and maintain "interdependent relationships" with each other and people who will help each other out.

If you got my back, I got your back and likewise for ALL my brethren in Christ.

As the Lord Jesus Christ says in His Word: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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